These are my original designs. All models created by and folded by Alec Fehl from a single uncut square unless otherwise noted. You can download folding diagrams for each of these on the diagrams page.

Flying V

Flying V guitar in honor of Albert King, Randy Rhoads, K.K. Downing, and Michael Schenker. This one is orange. Folded from a 2×3 rectangle.

Guitar Amp

Is it a Marshall? A Fender? A Boogie? Don’t know. But it’s one got one big ass speaker. One uncut 10″ square.

Old Sparky

Florida’s electric chair. A bit gruesome. One uncut 10″ square.

Jay Lenochio

If Jay Leno and Pinocchio had a child. That chin! That nose! One uncut 10″ square.

Gas Pump

Example of “inside out origami” where both sides of the paper are used to exploit the differences in color. One uncut 10″ square.

Nuclear Crane

Direct from Montgomery Burns’ back yard – a three headed nuclear accident crane. One uncut 10″ square.

Edward Birdhands

What if Edward Scissorhands had birds for hands instead of scissors for hands on his hands? One uncut 10″ square.


Inspired by my wife and soon-to-be daughter. Not that my wife was soon to be my daughter. They are different people. One uncut 10″ square.


A modular piece. The board and game pieces are separate pieces. One uncut 10″ square for the board. Game pieces are, I think, made from about 3″ squares.

8th Note

A musical 8th note. Much better than an unmusical 8th note. Or a non-musical 8th note. One uncut 10″ square.

$ 8th Notes

8th notes from a dollar bill. Don’t forget to tip the band! This is even better when made out of a $20.

$ Guitar

An acoustic guitar from a dollar bill. Don’t forget to tip the solo performer in the hotel bar! This is even better when made out of a $50.


She Talks to Angels (Black Crowes), Earth Angel (The Penguins), Angel of the Morning (Juice Newton), Angel Eyes (Jeff Healey), Undercover Angel (Alan O’Day), Sent by Angels (Arc Angels), Angels of Mercy (Badlees), The Devil Is an Angel Too (Janiva Magness), Angel (Jimi Hendrix), … It’s more about the music. One uncut 10″ square.

Model Stand

You need a pedestal for all those fancy models. One uncut 10″ square.