All models folded by Alec Fehl from a single uncut square unless otherwise noted.


Created by John Montroll. This is a two-piece model. One square for the volcano. One square for the fire.


Created by Peter Engel. One of the first 3D models I ever folded. I was blown away when I first saw this that it was one square.

Swiss Army Knife

Created by Jun Maekawa. Really cool that you can get all those blades and tools from a single square. Plus the cross symbol.

Present Box

Created by Jeremy Shafer. Beautiful example of inside-out origami. Pink on one side of this square, white on the other.

Man Swatter

Created by Jeremy Shafer. More inside-out origami from Jeremy.

Folding The Square Base

Created by Jeremy Shafer. MC Escher meets origami.

Folding The Blintz Base

Created by Jeremy Shafer. MC Escher meets origami again.

$ Flower in a Pot

Created by Herman Lau. I was luck enough to have Herman come to my house when I lived in Los Angeles and teach me this model in person.

Easter Egg

Created by Max Hulme

Cuckoo Clock

Created by Robert Lang. From a long thin rectangle.

Cigarette Pack

Created by David Brill. I don’t smoke. You shouldn’t smoke. But it’s cool that this was made from a single uncut square.

Kawasaki Rose

Created by Toshikazu Kawasaki . Uncut 6″ square.